PBR Betting Guide

Match Types

Here are the Standard Match Types, and whether or not you should bet in them.

Normal - Bet
Normal Matches can be with or without Switching enabled. These matches are played under standard Pokemon Battle Revolution rules which takes place in Generation 4.

Advanced - Bet
A few seasons ago sets were more complicated; typically having attacks that must be chained together or relying on items or abilities. After concerns that battles may be isolating Normal Battle sets were simplified and this mode born. Take a few more seconds and look at each Pokemon and set -- and particularly at their items and abilities as these are often overlooked.

Defiance - Bet
Also called " Skill Mode ". Attacks are chosen at random without our input. Like YOLO and other RNG Matches Defiance tends to bring out more and bigger betters. There is a strategy; choose the team with the most attacking moves. Only count a move as attacking if no Pokemon on the opposing team would be immune to it.

Stadium 2 - Bet
Similar to Defiance; this shuffles the team's position and then uses random moves. Stadium 2 Pokemon are generally weaker than their Gen 4 counterparts. Still, the same betting strategies as Defiance (the team with the most attacking moves) applies.

Ubers - Caution
This mode features a limited selection of stronger-than-usual Pokemon that are designed to mimic the Generation 4 Ubers Metagame. This mode is similar to advanced, but since Pokemon are so strong it allows for less room for error.

Commitment - Caution
You are allowed to select one input. 20 seconds before the match begins inputs are locked and cannot be changed. This mode seems to be easiest for " Riding A " or " Riding B " but can be dangerous with switching on and a clever high better deciding to switch to a counter.

Speed - Caution
Battles are played at x2 speed, but input speeds remain the same. This is considered an advanced mode where you need to think 2-3 turns ahead and send your inputs much sooner than usual. This can also cause a problem if many people are inputting for a team and do not coordinate their inputs.

Chameleon - Avoid
All Pokemon have their ability replaced with Color Change. This is a mode where certain types (Dragons, Normals, Ghosts) are very powerful and some Pokemon like Slaking and Regigigas are unhindered. You may want to avoid until you become better at the game.

Clone - Caution

Duel - Avoid
Only the Top Red and Top Blue's inputs are registered. Duel Mode was meant to promote high level play, but the pool of High Level Players has diminished over seasons and it has been easier for trolls to climb the ladder.

Fragile - Avoid
All Pokemon have 1 PP (Power Point), which means they can only use each attack once in most cases. I avoid this mode because the human factor can sink an otherwise ideal team very quickly.

Hidden Ace - Bet
All Pokemon have one attack randomly replaced with full-power Trump Card. Trump Card is a 200 Power Special Move that deals a considerable amount of damage to any Pokemon that does not resist (Rock and Steel) or is Immune (Ghost) to it.

Hit and Run - Bet
Similar to a normal no-switching battle, but each Pokemon has a move replaced with U-Turn and that is the only way you can switch.

KAPOW - Caution

Pinpoint - Bet

Rainbow - Bet

Random Order - Bet

Secrecy - Bet

Synchronize - Avoid
Famously known as " Roy Mode " for the player RoysOurKing betting extremely high amounts to ensure control over both teams. Since Synchronize is usually controlled by one or a group of high betters your bet will have little to no influence and your payout will be small. Unless you're in the Top 20 and can afford to followbet the person betting 100k+, avoid it.

Traitor - Caution

Lucky - Bet

Sky Battle - Bet

Armor - Bet

Boing - Bet

Fire and Ice - Caution

Letdown - Bet

Shield Dust - Bet

Sketchy - Caution

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